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Where’s my doctor?

I cant tell you how many times Ive heard the same complaint: After my first visit, I never saw my doctor again. This is a chronic problem in the large, volume based, fertility factories. When couples seek out an infertility doctor to help them have a baby, they want to establish a bond with their doctor. That is impossible to do if patients are passed off to the doctor of the day every time they come for treatment. In medical parlance, its called a breakdown in the continuity of care. Unfortunately, theres no solution for this problem within a large infertility practice. However, in a smaller infertility practice such as North Hudson IVF, it is not only possible to maintain continuity of care, it is encouraged. Weve built the practice around the idea that continuity of care is essential and that your relationship with your doctor is a sacred trust. We strive to be available to patients day or night. If you have questions or concerns about your infertility treatment, I encourage you to call our office or page me day or night. We want to help.

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