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Every fertility treatment cycle that we undertake will lead down a different path. We commit to ensuring that each individual and couple feels prepared to make decisions with patient resources to illuminate that path. Our New Jersey fertility center staff members will introduce you to programs that put our highly effective IVF treatments within financial reach, and fertility news to keep you informed.

Patient Resources to Meet Your Educational Needs

Our website provides an overview of fertility treatment options to address male and female causes, and we hope that you will explore our pages to learn more. In addition to conversations with your fertility specialist, Dr. Jane Miller, and clinical care team at our New Jersey fertility center, we will encourage you to visit these sources:

Patient Resources to Meet Your Financial Needs

Affording the cost of IVF becomes possible when you incorporate fertility drug discounts, self-pay programs and fertility financing options. Partnering with our New Jersey fertility center gains you access to a support system for maximizing these resources. We will help guide you through the financial aspects of pursuing fertility treatment, acting as your advocate and supporter.

Please visit these resources to learn more about affordable care options and financing infertility treatment:

Patient Resources to Meet Your Emotional Needs

We believe in a mind-body connection to infertility and will incorporate stress-relieving therapies into your treatment plan. Our New Jersey fertility center connects patients to support groups in the New Jersey and New York infertility community, and recommends these online forums:

We understand that the more you know about fertility treatment options, the more control it affords you and the less stress you will feel. Before you embark on your journey to starting a family, equip yourself with the tools you will need to be successful. Contact us  at our New Jersey fertility center to inquire about patient resources that will address your unique needs.




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