What is the Donor Egg IVF Treatment?


For women who do not produce eggs with good developmental potential the use of donated eggs can allow them to achieve healthy, ongoing pregnancies. Dr. Jane Miller and Dr. T. Timothy Smith have years of experience helping couples conceive with donated eggs. To find out if donor egg IVF (DIVF) is right for you, please contact our New Jersey fertility practice today.

What is the Donor Egg IVF Treatment?

Donor Egg DIVF (DIVF) constitutes a large part of the practice at North Hudson IVF. Many of our patients have created and expanded their families through this process.

To ready the mother-to-be (or recipient’s) uterus for the process she is put on a controlled cycle of estrogen and progesterone. During this time the egg donor is “cycled” with fertility hormones to allow the development of multiple eggs. The egg donor is “retrieved” and the eggs are fertilized using the sperm of the recipient’s husband. The fertilized eggs or embryos are cultured for 5 days and then selectively transferred to the recipient’s uterus. A test for pregnancy is obtained 2 weeks following the embryo transfer.

What is the Egg Donation Process?

As in the case of sperm donors, egg donors are screened for communicable and hereditary diseases and donor lists contain information regarding the donor’s ethnic background, education, interests and hobbies. The egg donor will undergo controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and the eggs will be retrieved from her ovaries and fertilized in vitro with the husband’s sperm. The resulting embryos will be placed in the wife’s uterus.

Each potential egg donor is required to provide an extensive, three generation medical history, undergo a physical examination, endocrine and ovarian evaluation and a lengthy interview with our Medical Director to determine their suitability. If qualified physically, our potential donors also meet with a mental health professional. North Hudson I.V.F. has an extensive list of available egg donors. Unlike other programs, our center does not require a “commitment fee” to initiate egg donation selection. Patients are asked to provide a list of characteristics that are important to them and are then presented with several potential matches.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about our egg donor program, please contact Carol, our donor-recipient coordinator, at 201-871-1999. Also, don’t forget to ask us about our embryo quality guarantee.

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The doctors at North Hudson I.V.F. are committed to helping couples that are having trouble conceiving find the best fertility options possible. The egg donor IVF process made possible by egg donation is a procedure our New Jersey fertility practice has used to help hundreds of patients. If you would like to learn more about egg donor IVF and egg donation, please schedule a private consultation with the doctors of North Hudson IVF.


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