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Additional Testimonials

Ashley A.

My partner an I couldn’t be happier we found Dr.Miller and our experiences with other fertility doctors solidified that. You really feel taken care of by Dr.miller and her wonderful staff. Due to my job I’m not always available for a phone call but I can always text Dr.miller or nurse Brandi and get what ever information I need which it so helpful and appreciated. Dr.Miller is so incredibly thorough not other with her approach to medicine but also with the way she educates her patients. I’ve learned more about my body and how it works in the past few months then I have my entire life hahah. We’ve never felt like we were on an IVF assembly line. She’s made us feel truly cared for and that’s why we travel all the way from Long Island

Kristie L.

At age 50, Dr. Miller listened to my story, and made our dreams come true. We are pregnant and very grateful!

Sasha T.

Dr. Miller is the best doctor out there. Not only professional but caring. I’ve never met a doctor like her. She made the whole IVF process so easy (I guess as easy as it could be). With her I wasn’t scared, she was our rock and I knew no matter what she would be there to help us. Now I have a beautiful child because of her, she helped us to get our miracle boy!

Tiffany P.

She is very attentive and comforting

Mia T.

Dr. Miller is truly an amazing, smart, caring doctor. She pays attention to details about your past history and always takes the time to explain everything until you understand. I have had several procedures and surgery done by her and she is excellent. Dr. Miller is a very experienced surgeon and cares about you like you are her family. What makes your visits to her clinic even more enjoyable each time is her wonderful professional staff. Annette at the front desk is super approachable, very knowledgeable with billing and knows all the answers to the questions you ask. Nurse Jennifer I guarantee you, will be your best friend as she would always be by your side whatever treatment you are going through. No matter how many patients she cares for, she would remember details about your care and be an advocate for you. At Dr. Miller’s clinic, you will feel that you are truly cared for. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Jane Miller who has helped me have a family.

Carissa A.

Dr. Miller is the BEST! My primary doctor recommended her to me when I was complaining of debilitating cramps. His exact words were, “Every patient I’ve sent to her, she’s cured,” and he was right! After years of being misdiagnosed and my symptoms brushed aside by other doctors, Dr. Miller not only took me seriously, but she genuinely cared about and wanted to fix me. She found an orange-sized fibroid on my uterus and removed it via an abdominal myomectomy. Her and her staff (Jen and Annette) were wonderful and available for all my questions before and after the surgery. I was going through a tough time with my job before my surgery and Dr. Miller constantly asked about my mental health, how it’s going, remembered all the little details and made me feel so cared for and comfortable. She’s so nice, smart, and down to earth. So easy to talk to. It’s been 2 months since my surgery, and I’ve had 3 periods without any pain or cramps!! I am so blessed and FOREVER grateful for Dr. Miller. Not only did she improve my quality of life, but she saved it!

Leah I.

Dr. Miller has been an amazing doctor to work with throughout our journey of building a family. Dr. Miller supported us every step of the way, answering all of our questions with as much detail and care as possible. Nurse Jen was always available for fast answers and emotional support. Dr. Miller and Jen made us feel confident, supported and calm during the entire process of IVF. We couldn’t be happier having Dr. Miller as our doctor and recommend her to anyone seeking such quality of care.

Diana G.

Dr Miller was wonderful with us. We couldn’t have asked for a more caring and honest doctor. Dr Miller was always available to us when we needed her and did her very best to treat us. I highly recommend Dr. Miller and her staff for anyone who is looking for an IVF clinic.

Shavon Z.

I have been struggling with miscarriage for 15/16 years. I had a totally of 12 losses. The Doctor were telling me they couldn’t do anything for me. I searched on line and came across Dr. Jane Miller. God must have sent me to her cause the day l met her was the happiest day of my life she found my issue and l finally have a Dx! I don’t have my baby yet but the fact she helped me find issues is more then enough to give me hope to know l will finally become a mom!!!!!! Her staff is amazing as well Jennifer is the best she’s always a call away when l need her and very helpful and very understand!!!! I’m beyond happy l found this amazing Doctor that’s can help me finally she’s hands down theeeeeeeeee best 5 stars in not enough to rate this Doctor and her staff.

Kerly H.

Dr. Miller is an incredible doctor hands down. She is very caring and smart. She will make you feel very comfortable , she will explain every detail until you get what she is trying to do. After trying to have a baby for 7 years, my aunt refer me to Dr.Miller and that was the best decision i could of made. Now am pregnant after so long of trying.Highly recommended North Hudson IVF to anyone struggling with fertility issues.

Justin T.

Well here we are. My wife and I here with our 8 month old son. This is all because of the amazing and wonderful Dr Miller. She is truly one of a kind. Our son would not be here today if it wasn’t for her. I honestly can’t say enough times how amazing and smart and talented she is. I can just say over and over THANK YOU!!!

Carla G.

Dr Miller is beyond incredible! The moment I walked into her office, I had that feeling of “I’m home”. She is caring, genuine and a brilliant woman, she’s soft with her care yet a true professional. She has a great staff, Annette and Nurse Jenn are just a big of a blessing. They are all always concerned and always straight to the point. If it wasn’t for Dr. Miller, we wouldn’t have achieved our goal of becoming parents. We love Dr Jane Miller and her crew and hold her so dear to our hearts!

Jade L.

Dr Jane Miller and her staff at North hudson IVF are excellent, professional, knowledgeable, and are available to my questions all the time, even after hours. They helped us with a baby boy in March 2020. My husband and I are forever thankful for their help! I highly recommend Dr Jane Miller for any anyone who wants to have a baby! Jade

Ebony D.

I swear by Dr. Jane Miller. The first day i met her…i was a mess. I had lost hope and could barely talk through my tears. She listened and when i was finished she said…and I’ll never forget. She told me at the end of our relationship, i would be a Mom. She wasn’t sure how we were going to get there..but that was her job. She said if i followed her instructions and let her do her job…someone would be calling me Mom. I now have 2 healthy boys. I’m forever grateful for selecting Dr. Miller and highly recommend anyone struggling with fertility to see her ASAP.

Nancy P.

My husband and I are so grateful to Dr. Miller and the care team at North Hudson IVF. We had consulted with another fertility center, and chose Dr. Miller because of her caring nature. After we talked to Dr. Miller about our family goals, we ultimately decided to go through 2 cycles of egg retrieval/embryo freezing at North Hudson IVF. Dr. Miller took the time and effort to walk us through the whole process, where we felt supported and cared for every step of the way. She was always reachable, even during the weekends. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend the services provided by Dr. Miller and North Hudson IVF.

Michael & Dawn W.

Dr Jane Miller is a caring, genuine and brilliant woman. She is professional yet soft with her care. She would take time to call, give me a hug, and became mine and my husbands friend. She helped us get to success after almost a decade of struggle w infertility. She has a great staff who help and conveniently answer to email promptly w any questions or concerns. She rarely makes anyone wait in the waiting room if she can help it. Always concerned and always straight to the point. We love Dr Jane Miller and truly hold her dear to our heart. Michael & Dawn

Marissa M.

I could not be more pleased with my experience at North Hudson IVF and Dr. Miller. From the beginning, she was incredibly thorough, explained everything, and gave my husband and I a great deal of hope on our IVF journey. Everyone in the office is wonderful and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend North Hudson IVF to anyone struggling with fertility.

Maria B.

My experience with Dr. Jane Miller and her team was extremely positive. They made me feel so comfortable in a very foreign process and I always felt supported and had the proper knowledge I need to go through with the procedures. Dr. Miller is also very honest and practical with information, which I very much appreciated. Highly recommended!