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The Infertility Consultation

Begin the fertility treatment process with an infertility consultation

The infertility consultation is a dialogue between patient and physician that is the starting point for fertility testing and treatment. To help hopeful parents prepare, fertility doctor Jane Miller MD tells all patients that the consultation will take between one and two hours.

A look at the infertility consultation

The infertility consultation asks a patient to tell his or her story while Dr. Miller asks specific questions to aid in the infertility diagnosis. Some of these questions include:

  • How long has the patient tried to have a successful pregnancy?
  • Has the patient tried to conceive with the same or different partners?
  • Has there been past fertility testing and treatment? If so, was it successful?
  • If treatment was successful, how long ago did this occur?

Dr. Miller explains that people change with time, even if they feel the same. For example, untreated endometriosis can prevent an embryo from implanting in the uterus. Additionally, age can impact fertility. A healthy woman who had no trouble conceiving at 34 may experience secondary infertility at 36 because her eggs are two years older.

During the infertility consultation, Dr. Miller spends considerable time exploring the patient’s menstrual history. She will ask the following questions:

  • Does the patient have disabling menstrual pain? If so, has it gotten better, worse or remained the same over time?
  • Does this pain have a pattern?
  • Has the patient’s menstrual flow changed over time, becoming heavier or lighter?
  • What is the patient’s cycle length, and has it changed from what it used to be?

These inquiries are only examples of the many questions whose answers build the patient’s unique medical and reproductive history.

Ordering fertility tests based on the infertility consultation

A patient’s history that is unearthed during the infertility consultation helps Dr. Miller determine what fertility tests should follow. With an understanding of the patient’s history and a review of the test results, Dr. Miller will propose and discuss treatment options with the patient.

Take the first step on your fertility treatment journey. Contact us if you would like to schedule an infertility consultation with Dr. Miller.