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5 Things You Don’t Know about Egg Donation

Dec 24, 2022
Ever since you were a child, you knew that you were going to have a large family. You would always ‘play house’ and you would always have two daughters and two sons...

Ever since you were a child, you knew that you were going to have a large family. You would always ‘play house’ and you would always have two daughters and two sons. It was just the way that it was supposed to be in your household—plenty of kids and love to go around.

Throughout the years, these dreams of a large family never went away. The dream actually grew in intensity. You would imagine yourself buying the latest fashionable baby clothes, adorned with images of frogs and little chicks. You would think about holding your little ones in your arms. You could see them walking across the stage at their college graduation. And best of all, you would have a family.

But as the years progressed, you have found it more and more difficult to have a child. The little bundle of joy never appeared on your doorstep, and as time passes by, you realize that a child would truly make your life complete.

This is where North Hudson IVF steps in to make your dreams of family become reality. North Hudson uses the latest technology and procedures to increase your chances of becoming a parent. One of those advanced procedures is egg donation. At North Hudson IVF, we make your egg donation experience different from other clinics—an experience to making dreams come true. In this blog, you will learn all about the inner workings of egg donation and what the procedure can do for you.

Creating a Family

You might think that you know quite a bit when it comes to the topic of egg donation. Maybe you have spent a good amount of time researching. Maybe you have spoken with a host of specialists. Or maybe you have had friends who have gone through the procedure. Below you will 5 things that you might not know about egg donation, or how the procedure is different at North Hudson IVF.

  • Our Donor Tests–each potential donor must provide an extensive three- generation medical history report so that we know that we have the best eggs possible. Egg donors must also go through a physical examination, an endocrine and ovarian evaluation, and an interview with our medical director.
  • No commitment fees to start egg donation selection- our patients provide us with a list of the characteristics that they find important to them. We then provide them with potential matches of these characteristics. All of this, with no commitment fees.
  • Egg Donors Screenings- our egg donors are screened for hereditary and communicable disease.
  • Donated Eggs Can Help- donated eggs can help women who cannot produce eggs that develop well. These donated eggs allow women to achieve healthy pregnancies that last.
  • With North Hudson IVF, Your Case is Unique- at North Hudson IVF, we do not try to group all of our cases together to try to find a solution. Your case is unique and special, and we work with you to find answers. By helping you relax and feel secure in the process, we can see results. Our success rate speaks for itself!

Thinking about IVF

If you think that IVF treatments or egg donation might be right for you, then do not hesitate to contact the North Hudson IVF team. We will help answer all of your questions and make you feel confident in the process.

We work to bring children into your arms. Learn more about egg donation, IVF, and how we can help make parenthood possible for you.